Tuesday, 2 March 2010

A few thoughts on exposure

It sounds as if ther’ll be more opportunities to work shop with Alison next term. Also, because I wanted to expose myself(ha,ha!)to a wider critique, I’ve set up what a call my” guinea pig readers “ - a small group of people comprised of local shop keepers(yes, really), a couple of friends – one gay ,one straight, my sister(she’s from Norfolk and they re all blunt and honest in their opinions up there), an aunt and a lady I got friendly with from a posh B and B we stayed in last year who’s part of a reading group (none of these people write but are self confessed avid readers) plus three people from my local regular writers group have agreed to read and comment on my first 4 chapters. I also am lucky to have round the corner another published writer – she’s agreed to look at it also, if I help her with her newly commissioned book with a teen gay protagonist.

Ive always found belonging to a writers group really useful. Mine can be a bit scarey – people can be are much more direct in their criticism than on our course but its useful. Also, though Ive set up my guinea pig readers specifically to test out reaction to my novel.

I am trying to find time to edit my first three Chapters in line with feedback from the City workshops. Also to send Alison my drafted Chapter Four which just neeads a little more work before sending oit. Then its synopsis and first four Chapters off to the gUinea Pig Readers !


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