Thursday, 11 March 2010

Research and Dialogue

Having had zero response from a south London based Kosovo Cahrity to my enquiry about research into Abanian Kosovar culture and language (for my back ground research for Almir) I tried UCL's SSEES an have found someone there who is willing to answer all my questions. Ive wriitten them done but before I email them accross to himI want to go over the list again. I will ask if I can chat to him on the phone also.

At the weekend, whilst walking along the deserted dark promonade at Aldeburgh after commig out of the cinema(we saw The Lovely Bones - which I enjoyed)I had two inspiration breakthouoghdson plot... but I'm keeping mum about them because if any one is reading this and the novel ever does get published it'll give the game away!


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