Tuesday, 16 March 2010

thanks Mike!

and Guy for leaving positive and phlosophical comments - am I sensitive - YES and I damages - very likely, I am (but who isnt in some way by the time theyve reached my advanced age!).

Have not domne any writing since the weekend ... on Sunday attended a workshop with the writers Kathy Page and Vicky Grut in London on dialogue - probably good for me as I was feeling so down about writing and the whole blody thing. Being forced to "join in" was helpful and I did produce a little scene ofRoland leaving Almir which if I modify and re work I may be able to use in the novel.The scene was very well received.

My interview with the Kosovar from the Charity based in South London didnt happen because after agreeing for me to interview him he phoned back the following day to say he was too buisy and unable to help.Very odd - but - as I mentioned about the war, maybe understandabe. I am now going to talk to an academic at UCL SSEEES next Tuesday instead and have prepared a list of questions which I have just emailed to him. FINGERS CROSSED. Feeling a little better about my writing today - probably as Ive been preoccupied with my day job and stashing money in different accounts in prepeartion for the new tax regime which will hit me and evryone else deemed "high income" hard after the buget and next election in a couple of months time.

Off to tango class now in Oxford Street so another opportunity for frustration! or ectasy - dpending on how my feet and brain are functioning. Need to go now.

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