Sunday, 21 March 2010

In Aldeburgh

Did a re write of a short scene on the very crowed train journey up here on Friday and am typing this up this morning whilst H and Co are out for a marsh walk - I'll join them for a waLk over Dunwich Heath for lunch later. The piece is for my portfolio submission to Emily at City next Wednesday. Have secured an extension for the First Chapter submission to the course so i am able to do a complte re write taking into account all the feedabck Ive had from workshops on the course and from a couple of published writers who've read it. Also I am interviewing the guy at UCL SSEES on Tuesday next week to get more Kosovo background material. I want the have this in my head before I atempt the re write.

It's a geogeous morning - doing my yoga practice before breakfast was a pleasure today with the sunshine pouring in through the front bay window and the sound of the birds singing away.


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