Thursday, 25 March 2010

progress of sorts

On Tuesday afternoon I spent about a hour at UCLSEESS with a very helpful pErson who answered all my questions about Kovoso/Albanian culture - and more...I digi-taped the interview and have already transcibed notes. One thing I have to do is change Uran/Almir's birthplace as Dragas doe not have any Albanians living there apparently - so I now have him born elsewhere - a detail but its important that its believable. All the names are right though and I now know various slang terms and cultural views on everything from Black people to gays to male masturbation! Also about the school system in the 90's for Ablanians in Kosovo (it was disrupted ans so Almir would not have graduated high school), Pristina and street sweeping in Kosovo(again in the 90's) - the fact that ther wer no supermarkets or satellite Tv back then is import detail that I will use to weave in deatil about Almirs background and current(to the story - so its 2001/2)attitudes and behaviours.Enlightening! If any one out there doubts the importance of back ground research lt me tell you its absolutely in valuable even if one doesnt use all the info gathered because for you as a writer in your head these deatils give flesh to the character/s /story and make them/it really come alive ( in ones head atleast, then hopeful on the page for the reader).

We had a bloody cold call at 245 am which woke H and me up so from no on we are dissconnectioning the phone in the bedroom before we go to bed.


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