Sunday, 28 March 2010

oh dear oh dear - frustration, frustration!

Have had some further feedback and am even more confused about what I am doing at the beginning of the story. The feedback suggests I tone down the inciting incident/s - but I am really not sure. As today is designated a writing day - I will have to sit down with this dilema - I can see the point of the citicism but not sure I feel its right as it needs to be a powerful enough incident to be believable in triggering what happens to Almir and how this moves the plot forward.

Oh well - I suppose I just have to get on with it - I can always change it when I have finsihed the whole first draft. If I keep dallying over what I ve written so far too much then Ill never get it finished - and I still want to finish it, thats for sure I believe the story is a strong one and the subject matter should exposed in a novel - havent seen it anywhere else and the majority of the feedback has been extremely positive in this regard. I am so sensitive about all this - I think I need to toughen up - be more objective - its just that I feel so closely involved with the characters and the story itself - its so real inside my head - its a difficult process to wade in and chop it about - but I guess thats also a big part of what becomming a good writer is about - not just being able to paint an engaging picture with believable characters(and thats hard enough)... am I still enjoying it? I have to say its a bumpy ride at the moment but I know definately the story is calling me back to the page; I must be an addict or slave to the pen - or deluded!

The clocks have gone forward and I need to move on with this process so definately today is earmarked a writing day to edit atleast my first chapter. I have to submit this to my City Certifcate course anyway before we travel off next weekend to Italy.Would be nice to have more feed back for my lay guniea pig readers - so far only two (out of about 12) have responded with anything,people dont seem to have time and I get feedback from them weeks after I send stuff out , which leaves me frustrated as I want to get feedback I can incorporate and move on asap - W has given hers and says she was gripped and couldnt stop reading the first four chapters but whilst thats encouraging in a motivational way its not in itself helpful with editing. I think though it is important to get lay feed back along the way because I want to know how it reads to non literary professionals/serious people aswell as getting the feedback from serious prune cutters.


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