Friday, 19 March 2010

late night musing

had intended to write yesterday but it didnt happen - just got distracted, I think intentionally but seem to be comming back to my writing again with a more positive attitude. Have decided which four pieces Iwill be submitting to Emily for the Term Two assessment portfolio - one will a pice I've yet to complete but have in draft form as two short pieces - Its Roland deciding to take his leave of Almir -"the last straw" - I want to combine this with his recall of their first sex - he sees Almir laying in the bed - out of it totally, then flashbacks - briefly - to their first bedding - I think it will work but we'll see what Emily thinks!
Ive titled this blog entry late night musing - its 7.30 am now but late last night I did re read my first chapter and all the critiques and began to see things more clearly and positvely. I now what I will need to do for my edit and redraft of Chapter one now...will take it to work on over the weekend along with the for short portfolio pieces(we are off to Aldeburgh til Monday)


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