Thursday, 18 March 2010

Spring's here

All our bulbs are shooting up. Yestday I noticed the daffodils lining the tree avenue were out - they'd come to flower over night. Yesterday took my bike in to a servive and to get the handle bars adjusted ; also bought a new suitcase in prep for Italy from Bakers Arms. The shop keeper didnt have a ccard machine so I paid cash but didnt have enough so I owe him another 40 which Ill frop in when I pick up my bike today. Every time Im out locally(Leyton/Bakers Arms) and need the toilet I have to go into one of the many greasy spoons and the always have a big notice displayed as you enter"TOILETS FOR CUSTOMERS ONLY" so I have to buy a bottle of water and by the time I get home I eed to pee again!Almir must have to do the same - peeing frequently is a sign of anxiety or medication side effect - maybe I CAN INTRODUE THIS TOO Almirs charcterisation on his Beat - needing to use the toilet.


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