Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Colly wobbles !

... had a moment of despair over the weekend - when I looked at my first three chapters again (with the view to re editing) and thought - I'm crap! It was possibly because I have just finished reading a great novel " Alone in Berlin" by Hans Fallada - in this novel Fallada documents the resistance of two ordinary working class Beliners to the Hitler regime and their downfall and eventual show trial and execution. Its just my kind of read. Based on true events. Fallada gets incredibly close to his characters - I 'm so impressed by how close, that he achieves an emotional empathy second to nothing else I've read . Has any one else read it. The final few chapters are incredible in this respect - where the protagonists are awaiting their deaths/the show trial/ their execuition by gullotine.

We were at the Aldeburgh Book Festival - it's my ambition to be invited one day to take the platform in my own right there - its so seriously high brow! There was a very interesting session about the life and works of Richard Yates(Revolutionary Road)....by a woman who'd done her PhD on this subject.

Any one else get this Up and down feeling with their writing - especially when exposed to great works of literature? At times I think I am capable of writing something very good, at others I feel the task is so monumental I don’t see any end in site!


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