Sunday, 14 March 2010

a low blow...

been feeling I'll never find my voice in my writing,contradictory feedback Ive been getting - I 'm such a bloody sensitive flower - I know its there in me waiting to be let out - if only I can find the right button; am close but havent found it yet.



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  1. IMHO you have a pretty clear voice. I'd suggest the contradictory feedback is due to the readers' personal preferences. If you have a distinctive voice then it won't appeal equally to everyone. All feedback is scarce and valuable but some will help you more than others -- concentrate on using that in your work.

    Sensitivity is good because that makes the writing come alive. However, there's probably more than an average degree of bloody mindedness in many writers too. My previous City tutor had a theory that all writers were 'damaged' -- otherwise they wouldn't want to do it.