Friday, 12 March 2010

Light to be shed...

...soon on Albanian Kosovar language and culture AS BOTH MY CONTACTS now have agreed to help me - am meeting one next Tuesday - in the village - his will really make it all come alive I hope!(to me if no one else at this stage)

A sleepless night last night - consequently have dragged myself through the day and not gone to tango milonga in Holborn tonight as planned. Have a tutorial on my Chapter Four at City tomorrow and a full day dialogue workshop with Vicky Grut on Sunday. Have also emailed out synopsis and first four chapters to my guinea pig readres group of about 12 people( 4 from Forest writers the rest a mix of honest friends and family and assorted others who'll give me an honest opinion) - also to Vicky Grut's Novelist Club which Ive signed up for to help me with more workshopping opportunities.

H playing piano downstairs - soothing and lovely.We booked a hotel in Vienna - a smart Pension for our trip in september when we go there from Trieste and Verona.

Is any one reading this??



  1. Hello Nick, I'm reading - I just refound your blog! I agree it's hard to find people to read a novel-in-progress. You're doing better than me! I've got my writing group in Milton Keynes but we only meet every six weeks... See you Weds. Cheers, Guy

  2. I'm reading too Nick -- I think there may be more people than you think. In my experience so far you need to be registered on Google to leave a comment.