Sunday, 28 February 2010

on a grey , wet Sunday morning....

this weather is misery inducing. I need the sun! Its damp and cold and dark. Anyway, slept a decent nights sleep for the first time since Tuesady so thats good. It must have been the stupifying after effect of the dull film we saw in town last night - "The Headless Woman" - truly aweful! H left his wooley hat in the cinema and whnt back in to fetch it . I had a mutually flirtatious chat with the very boyish cinema usher - a unexpected hightlight of my week which led no where but taken as it was, was rather magical for an old dog like myself! We went on( - just H and me!) to Yalla Ylla not expecting to get a table as it was well after 7pm but miracualously did and so ate my usual delicious combination of falafeal, humous and chicken shish follwed by fresh mint tea and baklava. As there so much work going on on the tube network we took a very crowed central line train to Liverpool steet then the overland to Walthamstow.

My work shopping of Chapter Two(which I now feel might become Chapter one - its an obvious plot choice) went well and was very useful in trying out thrid person POV present tense with some omniscience - people liked this stance , though text books tel me not to use it! Ive asked Uni Tutors for their opinion - also asked felllow writers on the course for their vote for which of the three Chapters Ive workshopped so far they think should be my chapter one.

I'm sitting typing this surrounded by piles of paers so I HAVE to make atleast an effort today towards clearing up my office - theres something that rings true for me about "creative chaos" - but I'm fast descending into a state of being buried in paper, which would kind of be counter productive, wouldnt it!


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