Monday, 8 February 2010

Been in Paris BUT...

..continued to write in our hotel room each day for a couple of hours whilst we were there. Result is have written first draft of another chapter - not sure where it'll go yet but its the one where Almir first gets noticed/cruised by Roland. All had written so not sure how many words it is til its typed up but its a cramed 6 pages of A4 so i guess thats around 1500 - 2000 words. But they were all hard earned I'll tell you!!

Also, from the last homework Excersize I did for City(Emily) I am sure I can work that up into another chapter for the existing 600 words I have. It went down well in class - Its a scene where Almir and Roland have gone away to the country follwing the murder of Trudie Hasford becuase Almir is again depressed. They've rented a holiday cottage in the Cheviot hills. Roland comes back from a morning run to find Almir collapsed on the floor. He thinks he's seen a gun man but in reality this is a flash back from the war. This triggers Almirs breakdown and confession to Roland about his secret past and double Identitiy.

To Bed !!!


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