Saturday, 30 January 2010

Phew ..there's that over and done with!

Workshopped Chapter One at Uni today was pretty much universally well recieved so I'm really encouraged. Intersting that some people completely got it and understood where I am comming from - others didnt.....and of course people have diferent style preference. I just like to break all the rules!

Am now sure I will start with Julie on the tube as my Chapter One(if you're reading this - you know who you are, thank you!)

Tutorialed the really tricky incident scene with Alison - but - she overall seemed to think it works quite well as it is. Just need to tighten here and there a little.

I enjoyed the day and it was immensley good for me to listen to/read the work of other fiction writers. Am learning a lot I think.

Tomorrow plan to rework/edit Chapters Two and Three then nose to the grind stone and start Chapter Four....I feel that I need to now revisit the Chapter precises again...I want to add in more on Julie after today. The plan will structure my writing schedule which I need to continue if I am going to meet the 60 k min. by June.

Having my first tango in London again tomorrow afternoon in MOORGATE(for those of you wondering what's happened to this part of my raison d tre).


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  1. Thought Julie's voice came over particularly well in the reading.

    Echo your comment about people having different preferences. When I looked at the annotations people had made on mine there were quite a few instances where someone had crossed something out as not so good when someone else had written 'great' by the same thing.