Friday, 22 January 2010

Finshed Chapter three - first draft

Worked from 10 am until 1.30pm today agin on chapter three, and finished it. I find that creating bu long hand with pen onto paper comes best for me. The I GO BACK AND THE FIRST REWRITE/EDIT COMES AS i AM TYPING THIS UP. I am tired, have finished my tango workshops with Natacha, H came to the sudio and met me then we went 10 blocks to a music store where I picked up some tango CD's9better selection here than in London, and about 1/2 the price). We had a slice of pizza next door to the shop then took a cab back to our hotel, from where I am now writing this. A battered drunken man on the sidewalk asked me for money when i jsut nipped out to get water and some of the local cornish pasties things. I bought extra water and a patsie for him and gave it to him on my way back. Having a rest now. Knackered. We have to pack, shower and then off to a contemporary tango themes theatre thing at 8.30, then on tho a milgona of "olds people" - but very orginal dancing according to Natcha. The in the morning we leave. neither of wants to leave buenos Aires - the tango, the food the hot, sunny weather.

I am pleased that on this trip I have completed a first draft of chapters one, two and three of my novel and hit the 9200 word mark. its hasnt seemed a chore at all. Wheteher its any good, if peple like it or not, thats the thing! Lets wait and see.


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