Monday, 25 January 2010

Back in Walthamstow and jet lagged!

We arrived yesterday from Buenos Aires after a gruelling 18hours on a dirty BRITISH AIRWAYS flying battery farm. We flew business class but it really felt like economy except for the flat plinth they refere to as a "bed". Fabulous trip - really great though, am already planning my return for more tango tuition.

Re editing Chapter One on Sunday night(with jeg lag)and have emailed this to all colleagues on the City course as I will be workshopping it on Saturday. Re read Chapters Two and Three also and very pleased with Chapter Three, which I have marked up with a pen on hard copy for a further edit but basically I feel works pretty well. Chapter Two I felt, dissappointing, needs more atention before showing - it just seesm a litle flat - its the most tricky of scenes to write so I mustn't be too hard on myself.

Finished reading Hotel de Dream by Edmund White - on the plane. Really good read I thought. Anywone out there read it?What do you think? Complex interweaving of plots within historical fiction based on real events with abit of imagination to tie everything up. I did feelat times though, he was trying to cram in as much period detail about 1900 NEW yORK just to impress the reader with the amount of research he'd done. but that was my only criscism. Best read since Slaughter House 5.

Back to my mere mortal atempt - I palan to circulate my First Three Chaters when they are ready - also to my local indicators(Flower SHOP lADIES, b AND b OWNER AND A COUPLE OF FRIENDS/ ALSO TO fOREST wRITERS , WHOSE WEDNESDAY i CANT ATTEND AGAIN TIL i FINISH cITY)...THE MORE FEEDBACK THE BETTER.

off to finish my dinner!

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