Tuesday, 19 January 2010

reflections on setting targets ..on other things

I do believe one needs to have a disciplined schedule or the word count just wont go up. To acheive a minimum of 60k words (I am woking that from 1st February I will have a starting point of 10,000 - thats 10,000 words a month by the end of June.. ive spent mre time drafting my first three chapters than I probably will getting the rest on the page in first draft because I just think thats important, from the course and what the course is aiming help us achieve. I also seem to spend longer getting the opening page or so (500 words ) of each chapter together, I have to have it right in my head, and oftern rewrite these first 30 to 500 words several times and read them out loud to my long suferring partner - H - until I feel they sound ok - to see where the characters are and the plot is going. I have found it v helpful to sketch a chapter plan - the 12 scenes that Emily has suggested we do BUT Ithink this will change as I move forward with it, but thats ok - what it does is give me a working skeleton to hang flesh on, which I hope will move, later!

Hope these reflections help!

I spent 2 hours yesterday begining the first 250 -300 words of Chapter three! Butthey are good words(I hope)...par example...

Here is a little diversion :

I started another sort of workshoppping here in Bueno Aires yesterday - tango, with my new teacher Natasha. She satrted me doing everything I know in close embrace and although she tall, I am taller (as you know I am 6' 4")..so I rested(with her consent) my chin on her forehead as we danced to a song about how wonderful it is to smoke:
" My darling, I am smoking as I wait for you to come to me, I like to smoke because it reminds me of you, When I breath in the smoke I am breathing you in, I feel your smoke inside me,I feel your sensual mouth...and so on....

Natsha encourages me to put my arms around her and sqeeze her close, so we are two hearts beating as one ...she says she wants to feel my finger tips caress her back - at the point where her bra sarp is; I say if this is London, I'd be arrested for that! She laughs and tells me - you are in a different culture Nic - holas, and tells me she wants me to do it...when the music plays I do, and it works, and we both begin to melt like chocolate. This city is a magical place.

Its a pity I'm gay! Well, we are off to Tango Queer again tonight....


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