Saturday, 16 January 2010

Back on Terra Firma and over 6ooo words completed

Been unable to blog for the past 4/5 days because we've been cruisng down the coast of western Chile and on to Cape Horn(yesterday)50 mile per hour wind gusts revented us from landing there!. BUT I've been writing on the ship daily and have now completed drafts of Chapters One and Two(just over 6k words).

Tomorrow from here(Uschia - the most Southerly City in the world) back up to Buenos Aires for more Tango and hopefully will get some more writing done before we return to London on 24th January. Have made a start on Chapter Three. I will think about possibly re ordering the First TwO Chapters following my workshopping at the start of the new term at City and post my Tutorial beacuse I am not entirely sure which chapter will work best as the first chapter - I keep changing my mind about it at the moment.

Also, having been fired up when writing I then often seem to come down to a flat emotional state where I start to think I'm crap at this and It'll never get anywhere? This is normally writers bi polar state???


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