Saturday, 2 January 2010

NEW YEARS DAY - what happened next..

...we spent much of the day tango lessons to be had , even at our hotel. It was very muggy and hot. We walked to the dock development and ordered lunch at one of the Italian restaurants there but walked out without paying the bill when my lasagne arrived part cold, obvoiusly reheated! We both were bitten terribly by nastly flies that were everywhere - and H inspite of spaying himself with extra strenth inspect repellent. This morning we are covered in large itchy lumps. The worst are on the palms of my hands.

But I did begin my Chapter One yesterday...I wrote for about one hour and also did some reserch arounf dolly bird fashion on google . Julie was an original 1972 dolly bird and proud of it. She's on the tube with her new Harvey Nic's purchases remebering how she used to enjoy cloths shooping when she was single before, but that was 1/2 her life time ago. She looks around the tube carraige at other paasengers and sees a girl in her early 20's who's wearing a Maxi coat on top of washed denim mini skirt - justlike she used to wear when she was young....

plan to get the show on the write road again by doing atleast one hour per day til we travel on to our next destination - El Calafate - wher there will be no tango distraction and then I hope to get up to my old routine of 3 hours per day.


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