Wednesday, 6 January 2010

sight seeing in Argentine Patagonia


Today H and I took a day trip to visit the Moreno Glacier...awesome . Jawdropping(literally) is all I can say.

On the bus back, I starting thinking a bit more about Julie - have decided to have her born and bred in E17 BUT moved out when she married(young)her builder husband Brian. Brian made quick money buying up large houses in Leytonstone in the late 80's boom and converting them into flats.Then more during the second boom in the late 90's. They moved out to Loughton, then evntually to neauvau riche Chigwell. When Julie got the Chigwell mansion and the Marbella apartment post divorce, she sold the chigwell place(bad memories she wanted to leave behind) and bought herself a smaller new build in buckhurst Hill(handy for Waitrose and the central line)

Julie's favorite colour is aquamarine was always"her " colour - suited her blond hair(now assisted by Garnier Nutriese!)this is the colour of the new dress she´s just purchased when we meet her first in Chapter One.

I also thought about Almir´s impression of the Depot he works from - after I visited this same depot myself just prior to comming away..what hit me above all was the all pervading is everywhere, even inside the canteen ..of..boiled cabbage and damp newspapers..

PLEASE SOMEONEOUT THERE..if you are reading this and have a view, make a comment .


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