Monday, 11 January 2010

slogging on

...that sounds like its a chore - but its not so, I am enjoying writing here , usually for 2-3 hours each afternoon. Have now got 2/3 way through Chapter Two. I am writing it all long hand to start wth, then typing it up in the evenning. I find this a good way to do initial re reads and some editing. Great walk yesterday morning, the farthest I've walked in years at about 9 km. Lots of wildlife about too and caraceses of guanacos everywhere. This morning we went for a short walk to another lake to see the Grey glacier from the lake shore. Again, another lovely walk. Lunch soon, then a short siesta and back to Chapter two. I reckon I have 5k words atleast now. Am aiming for 10 by the first class of term and 3 chapters in first draft form. This afternoon it will be difficult I am anticipating - I have to write about the accident where the baby is flung from its pushchair and killed in the road at Almirs feet. I have purposely eft this scene to tackle on its own as It needs my full atantion and concentration. I have got Almir off to work on that day and at this moment on the page, he is 1/2 way round his stret sweeping beat having a bagel and a coffee and thinking about what he'll do when he finishes work(go to the gym, take a hot shower, met up with his only friend Elyes at the internet Cafe inear the tube station)..little does he know....!


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