Saturday, 9 January 2010

We moved rooms and I started Chapter Two

Last night as we were getting off to sleep there was considerable thumping on the floor from the rooms adjacent(no not sex) was little kids playing about, running up and down. I phoned reception. Really not good enough. I am sick of all these rich selfish parents who take their young children AND BABIES to exotic destinations. F~~~~~~~ selfish - I say. What IS the point? They were even arriving at Our Tango Hotel when we left Buenos Aires!!!!I mean, come on...

anyhow, we moved rooms to the opposite end of the hotel away from baby land and its much quieter now.

Did a walk this morning - great , stunning mountain views. Interseting fauna. Firendly group. Then came back to room and did 2 hours more on Chapter Two..have really got into Chapter To now. Hope to finish it before we leave this place to go on the shiP. I reckon I did about 1000 words , maybe 1200 - and - estimate this will amount to about 25 - 30 % of this chapter. Its an important one, with the big openning event - so I need to put more content in it than in Chapter One.


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