Tuesday, 26 January 2010


..the gist, wiped out with jetlag most of the day. Read a classmates piece for Saturday. Later this evenning re read my Chapter Three and added a few words her and removed some there improving it it think.
Listened to a pod cast of my Uncle Vic being interviewed on Radio Norfolk. he's worked on the broads for 44 years. I remeber he used to take me onto the Broads when I was a boy. I used to fish for eels and smal fish using a homemade trap of wirenetting which I'd cast off from his dredger. the dreger was used to haul mud from the river and pile onto the banks to build these up. Once I stepped onto one, thinking it was solid but it hadnt dried out and I sank up to my chest in stinking mud! I must have been 13. It was the summer of 1971.


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  1. Sounds like you've got some material that might fit Rachel's story.

    Incidentally, what were the 'ugh' postings about?