Wednesday, 24 February 2010


...STILL NOT USED TO THESE BOGS, PRESSED THE wrong button and before I could stop it it posted the new post before I could write anything - cant find the edit button so here we go again...

have completed draft of Chapter Four now...its the forth visit Julie makes to Almir - she cooks him a meal, they talk about what it means to be lonely and form a kind of bond with one another.

Also, last night and this morning re edited my Chapter Two - the one I'lll be reading from at the City workshop session this Saturday. Feel its not bad, inspite of being in present tense - but lets see what the rest think!

The maxim - draft, rewrite, edit, re write, put away then re read fresh eyed then repeat the process is so valid. There's always something one is able to cut or re phrase or add to - edit to enhance the original text. Its basically getting it down without being too pernikerty - which I tend to be, especially if I'm writing a completely new scene - then refining whats on the page using the aforementioned process.

This personal "realization" is helpful because it tells me to just keep going and not get too hung up with the first draft(well, atleast beyond the synopsis and the first Four Chapters)...and thats just what I am going to do now - I need to complete the story, put it away then return with fresh eyes and completely re edit it from start to finish so that I can see what works/what doesn't/ what needs moving around or cutting or embelishing.


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