Friday, 9 April 2010

Thanks for your comment Mike!

I am in a MUCH better place with my writing. I have had a while in the doldrums and feeling its all hopeless and a waste of my time or an impossible up hill struggle BUT...But I think this has been a very necesary and important part of my development as a writer. The best lessons are always learned by reflecting on the error of ones former ways...I have spent this "difficult" period reading and rereading what Ive done on the novel so far plus again looking through all the feedback and distilling out the important recurring themes and have incorporated them internally I think and hope Ive moved forward with it - I think I have. I know it doesnt make the actual writing any bit easier but I have got back my enthusiasm for writing and for writing AND WANTING TO FINISH -this- story... told in -this- novel.

Today I did a couple of hours work from my notes/sketch of the new scene with Roland being shown around the flat which brings him into the Village (and thus, later, ultimately incontact with Almir) so its an important link in the chain of my tale. I am pleased with how its going. I may even choose to read it out in class next term as one of my workshop pieces...but I HAVE TO FINISH OFF FIRST!

I'm almost done with reading The Spell by Alan Hollinghurst - and thats given me a lesson in character development and narrative voice. I might add I am enjoying it very much too.


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