Thursday, 15 April 2010

Can you believe it!

Our hotel "caught us" taking food out of the breakfast room this morning and said this wasnt allowed and they would be billing us 6 euros each per day for this service. I couldnt beleive it - this is a nice hotel and not cheap...what a carry on..tomorrow Im going to go to reception after breadfast and ask if they want to frisk me for the odd illicit bread roll! Otherwise, after a morning of work emails, we've had another full on day of sight seeing - but nice. Went to Ostia Antica - incredible but terrible facilities/poorly dislayed relics- you are free to jus walk across 2000 year old mosiacs! and chaotic organisation/mess as usual. Had another tastey and cheap falafel dinner tonight.

Have jsut heard the news that my georgeous niece hasnt been offered a place at vet school - after being kept waiting for 2 moths plus following her interview.That feeling of rejection isnt only the domain of aspiring writers!

Want to begin a new chapter tonight after taking a little break. Will stick with the Roland character as I feel I'm pretty with him at the moment after spending the best part of a week getting the first draft of introducing him into the story sort of right(I hope). H is doing his evenning yoga on the floor of our hotel room.


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  1. I'm with you in the Breakfast Bar Liberation Front! Free that food.