Saturday, 17 April 2010

About to restart where I left of yesterday...

...Today did more sight seeing. The castle Angelo and Mauselium of Augustus..early evening took the metro to the Theatre to watch Copeilia - the ballet - thinking 6pm a little early. On arrival - no orchestra and lots of tantrumimg little prima donnas with pushy Italian Mothers...oh dear - yes, we'd booked to see the Junior Company Ballet School - so left at the interval - discretely - for fear of being labeled a couple of old perverts. Nice 17 year old boys in tights though!!

Volcano eruption continuing, spewing ash cloud from Iceland over northern Europe, means were travelling to Lucca by train tomorrow to join a walking tour of Tuscany tour we dont know if anyone else will be turning up for - certainy NOT if they intended flying from London, so therefore not our two friends Rob and Andrew.

Must get my pen to the paper now.


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  1. Good luck with the walking tour. I doubt many people will have got there from the UK by air.

    I've not been in London since the planes were grounded but I think it's been a very strange experience all round.

    How long until you're due back in the UK?