Monday, 5 April 2010


Uneventful journey here via Gatwick with dear old(non striking )B.A.BUT on day one I wentcompletely D E A F which was unnerving to say the least...I suspected ear wax as have known I needed treatment for that for some time but hav been utiing it off. So its been two days of ear drops and sign language with H and this evenning at 5 I have a syringe full of water and gyerol in each ear ...and now I can hear again. I spent 1/2 an hour on the balcony just listening to the birds again. Not done any writing since arrived...though critiqued Nicki's draft first Two Chpters of her new gay teen novella - which I liked. She gave me two different beginnings and I liked the second better...critiqing other peoples work IS tremendously insightful into ones own writing psyche I find. I am itching to do another short story...might have a go whilst we are away...maybe Vera Linge - the Pest Control one Ive sketched out . but I must return to Sweeping Up or it'll go cold. One of the hardest things seems to begin again after an absence following a period of enthusiastic productivity.


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