Sunday, 11 April 2010

A new Chapter is nearing completion

I have done well working a couple of hours a day drafting and editing a new chapter which introduces the Roland character to the novel. Apart from writing today from 10am to 11.30am and again betwwen 4 til 7 pm H and I meet up with friends who have a house in a town near Palermo they came in by car and took us to the beach for lunch but - my GOd- the traffic , the traffic! Lunch turned into a bit of a disaster for me - we went to a seafood restaurant but due to language difficulties and some ripping off if you ask me, all I ended up with was bruchetta and mineral water!
By tonight I was starving hungry so H and I went back to a good local restaurant round the corner from our hotel I had "meat balls" which actually turned out to be bits of ham rolled around a strange stuffing..oh well! There still a very loud band playing in a pub next to our hotel so no point in going to bed yet! Off to Rome tommorrow on the overnight sleeper train

the highlights of Palermo for me...well, lets see....The Catacomb mummies hung up on the walls like skeleton puppets(v. Micheal Jackson Thriller video), the Modern Art Museum, The Tango Milonga I went to and danced with two very young, attractive local women(one set of convincing tangos, the other a bit of a disaster), the canolo pastries, the expensive rip off meals in restaurants!the terrible traffic which makes crosing the road like a death row last walk..and the bloody N O I S E !


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