Thursday, 22 April 2010

experimentation on ways to move forward with first drafts

I have been trying out something - which has been quite successful, partly since I 'm so useles at typing but also due to the opportunity it gives me to listen to first its a form of editing too...what Ive been doing is dictating new first drafts of a chapter/s and emailing the audio file to a typing firm who then email it back in Word Document format. This allows me to get on with actual writing but also to listen /read the first draft after Its been born - so i can hear how it comes across...its like I'm workshopping it with myself. Does anyone else use this method I wonder?

Have forgone the chance of a long walk today to get on with working on the rest of a second new chapter before I return to London. Off for a short walk now then nose to the grindstone!


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