Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Another new Chapter drafted!

Tonight after a further 2 1/2 hours I have finished the first draft of the Chapter introducing the Roland Character. I have him viewing flats in the Village but thats all I'm saying. Pleased with it - but then one usually is at the end of a creative first draft...will workshop it and see.Fiddled about with my digi dictaphone to see if I can email existing files(on background material interviews) to be typed ...think files need to be zipped up and dont know how to do it!If it works can try dictating and emailing this latest chapter too(I'm hopelessly slow at typing up and ALways (unless Im just sketching out a scene sometimes)write first in long hand - I like it better that way anyhow.

Did mammoth sightseeing today ..must have walked 6 miles - out all day til 7ish...found a middle eastern eaterie which does great food o we had falefel lunch and dinner too...a great change from all this rip off pizza/pasta/fish meals...its 00.35am local time and H is complaining stll up so signing off and to bed now!

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