Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Late night post

well, late for me...City Cert course tonight and two tutorials booked..agreed to swap new chapters with Jenifer - fellow writer - on the get more feedback. On way home popped into Vue Cinema to pick up tickets for H and me for Sat to see The Disappearance of Alice..something or other, new brit thiller which has v good reviews. In the queue waiting the girl infront of me - on her own - turne dand asked me if I too was on my own and ...would I like to join her -"orange wednesday , 2 for 1"...nice London moment that...I was flattered but maybe shouldnt have been,,,anyhow what a bloody nice end to the day!I politely declined as she was offering Cement Killer or something similar - not my cup of tea and I wanted to get home anywway(and sleep tonight). If by some major miracle you are that girl reading my blog - THANKYOU - you made my evenning!x(and please - do leave a comment).

Got encouraging feedback from VG (The Novelist's Club) on the revised opening chapter of my novel and also the new piece I sent for on Roland character...

Last yoga session tomorrow with HG before she goes back to the states!(sob, sob...) H and I took her for brunch today. I shall miss standing on one leg in my front room bay window for 7 minutes dressed only in my red underpants - with HM giggling on the sidelines, giving me correctional instruction on my yogic posture ! It feels most mornings I do this particular pose that its somekind of dare - though you'd be amazed at how few passers by on their way into work look and stare - if it where me -but then I'm the sort of person who ALWAYS looks into other peoples windows.
Maybe thats why I a write.


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