Thursday, 15 April 2010


last night so nothing done. H insisted on watching the "historical" first preelection TV debate of the political party leaders. Nick Clegg came over to me as the most fresh, radical and honest(but I would be heavily penalised financially if the LD's got in) The Tory D avid Cameron came over as a complete Little Lord Fontelroy - terible politician....GORDON bROWN - genuine -but more of the same - so Godness knows who I will tick the box for on the day. A booming TV set from another room kept us up half the night! It came on early again this morning. Went out to have a look where it was comming from and saw a man leave next door with his case and the noise immediately abated - so fingers crossed it'll be quiter from now on.

Will write today. I will!(Rolands needing to come out)


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