Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Back in sunny spring like London

Got my assessment pieces back from City Uni course - revised first chapter and the portfolio of four short ilustrative pieces - all good feedback, so encouraging.Tinnitus still a constant companion - a pain! There you go - innit!

Workshoping last night (not me) interesting to see where people on the Certificate course are at with their writing - is a really good course for bench marking ones own writing and learning from the mistakes and good example of others and being exposed to a variety of styles and genres.

Just had a good yoga session with Heather - our NYC teacher who is leaving us after almost 2 years on Friday! oh dear...

Off to LBC now, after a shower because I smell, to the new mens morning to see if its something I want to incorporate into my atempt at dharma living(yes - I admit it Bren Gosling is approximating a buddhist...)..oh and Mike, thanks for your encouraging coments last evenning re my keeping up this blog - sometimes I do wonder who reads my ramblings, if any at all.


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  1. I regularly read the blog. With these sort of things there's always a surprisingly large number of 'lurkers'.

    Agree about the workshop. Lots of varied styles and I genuinely find everyone's stuff to be of great interest.

    I find the written comments enormously useful as they generally tend to be more individual observations and not influenced by what Alison or the previous speakers have said. I find we don't really get long enough to hear others' comments and my tactic is to hear people out and listen as much as possible, although I was dying to say 'yes, but wait for the next bit' or 'that was explained in the chapter before' a few times.

    I do feel one or two people tend to state their preferences for writing style as matters of right and wrong but I respect their opinions, though not necessarily agree with everything.