Friday, 28 January 2011

Its a hard slog/Can anyone help?

When I started my blog about writing a novel I thought I'd picked a cheesey title but evolution is the best way I can think of to describe the process. You have a plan, get to point "x" but enroute discover something that takes you on another journey. Its a bit like embarking on a longhaul motorway trip youve never done before. You have an idea of the route and how long it will take but you cant be sure until you actually get on the road. The tutorials are like stopping for refreshment breaks!And when I get going again after each one I tend to see things on another level than the section of the journey that came before.

I have Almir nailed now but not quite Roland - well, his core character yes, I have that but I need more work to understand how his personality plays out in his relationship with this significant others - namely Almir and also his 12 year old daughter Jade...these scenes I am re writing many times..which is both intersting and a chore I sometimes dont want to do it but it does seem to be bringing Roland more to life as a real person. But its hard slog!

ps a long shot this - but do any of you out there who may be reading this know of/have any contacts with the U.N. - I need to check something about Kosovo in 200O/2001...which I have drawn a blank with on the internet. I really need to talk to someone with insider knowledge...IF ANYONE CAN HELP DROP ME AN EMAIL. Thanks.



  1. Hi BG
    Thanks for your nice message on my blog that's very kind of you and it's nice to know it brightens up someone's day! I'd love to hear more about the tango BTW and Argentina - must have been amazing dancing there. Sorry don't know anyone from the UN. I just finished my first novel and the journey does not stop there. Good Luck.

  2. What your novel about. Do you have an agent yet? I am here for a couple more months yet. Hope to have a decentish first draft done by April. Missing writing short stories but need to remain with my head in my novel til its completed I fear, or it'll never end.