Wednesday, 26 January 2011

There is still MUCH to do

Had my tutorial with mentor today. The scenes with Almir got the thumbs up , but the stuff with Roland and Jade needs reworking... will pick just two scenes over their weekend together and focus on these to try to bring out the nuances and depth in the relationship between father and daughter. Also I need to look at writing a few more scenes and the backdrop thread of the Two Royal deaths of earlY 2002 followed by the Golden Jubilee needs to be weaved in a bit more - but overall GOOD! What I must do is research again the situation in Kosovo in 2000/2001 so that I get Almirs new begining arrived at in a way which is 100% plausible. I need to speak with someone from the UN side who was involved/was there at this time. A challengebut am on the case already.

Humid again here today... had a 50/50 private tango lesson this afternoon with Lore - almost broke down and was preparing myself to give up in the first half...then in the second half I really proved to myself that I can dance and have it in me to improve to another level. Will try the class at La Marshall tonight as a way to try to break into the milonga that follows.

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