Friday, 21 January 2011

Had lots of support(but have had to redo the ironing)

Loads of supportive emails and advice from people Ive now meet here,after a difficult tango week of dissapointig milonga attendances. I have danced but its not been as much or as satisfying as I want it to be. It was affecting my self confidence. Turns out its always like this for us foreigners. I have to just stick at it. Am determined to not let this exclusive attitde beat me. Another challenge.
Will begin writing again this morning. Had an early night(11.30pm!) yesterday for the first time in a week, so am up early for yoga which is good. Off to make myself some green tea now.
The crap cleaner is doing the flat again today. Cleaners here are something else. They seem to spend hours waving a rag around at dust will little effect. They like to dance around with headphones on! We gave her some ironing - paid extra - and I had to do it all again myself when she'd gone!
NoT a patch of our wonderful housekeeper in Walthamstow - Elaine.

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