Sunday, 23 January 2011

Gypy guts are back!

After celebrating four days of passing solid fuel both H and I have got the shits again...a very hot and humid day today. I ve been trying to forget about tango as had such a difficult week at milongas which sapped my self confidence. After breakfast I Skyped a friend who is making a documentary film in Afganistan . There its freezing.He seems unconcerned about the safety thing of being in such a place.

I gave up trying to plough on with London Tryptiche - I could guess the end of each story anyway. No surprises there! Back to Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin tonight.

Wrote for a couple of hours from noon until 2pm and again this evening from 7 until 930pm and completed another chapter which Ive just uploaded for typing. I've asked Emma if I can squeeze it into my tutorial on Wednesday with my other new material.

This afternoon H and I took a cab to visit a couple of museums in La Boca.

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