Sunday, 16 January 2011

Tango tears and all that...

Tango here is daunting! Going out to huge crowded milongas and not knowing a soul. But yesterday I had a bad experience in one of the classes I had started to attend which really threw me - I felt I was being completely cold shouldered by the local students who all semed to know one another and ignore me. Two of them attended the same milonga I went to in the week - guess what - they blanked me there too. How can I be expected to dance passionately with someone who has no interst what so ever in trying to make any connection with me. I walked out of the class saying how I didnt feel comfortable there - and went on a downer...H - my wonderfully patient, long suffering and suppotive H,took me to the pictures instead to see The Fokers - which was absolutely the right antidote to my mood. It was really funny.

Worked this morning for a couple of hours typing up and refining my revised chapter outline/plot.Want to begin the re write now. Will start in the morning in earnest! Today it poured down with rain, which H and I watched over lunch from the cafe Josphine down the road . then we hopped ino cab to the modern art museum where we also saw old film based on a Stephan Zweig story in the museum cinema.We walked back to the flat in Recoleta.Gustavo, our host , has managed atlast to get us onto the internet at the flat - so have been catching up wth wrk emails this evenning and paying bills. Its humid again now.

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