Wednesday, 12 January 2011


all the words written here in Buenos Aires so far this afternoon. Pleased with the chapter I 've done with Roland and his 11 year old daughter staying over but wil see what Emma says in my tutorial on26th (via SKYPE!)Tango leson this afternoon and out to La Marshal tonight . Will be brave a ask strangers to dance with me...oh,


  1. I've done Skype tutorials with my OU MSc supervisor for the past year or so. Seem to work well.

    How are you arranging the writing up over there?

    Hope all this southern hemisphere rain isn't spreading your way.

  2. Hi Mike...same as always..I hand write, dictate and uplaod for typingup, edit and carry on...this morning did a plot/chapter re review so I will now go back to the beginning for the re write - start to finish!
    Did you hear about Guy's succes in the H.E. BATES short story competition - good is evryone else doing...Sue I know about as she also is using Emma as a mentor

  3. Guy told me about the H.E.Bates win when I popped over to see him when I happened to be in Milton Keynes. He was very modest about it. He's talking about starting a new novel.

    I don't think I've got much more information about most people since we had our meal. The workshopping with Emily doesn't start until the end of the month. Mike B is doing a rewrite following feedback from Emily.

    I'm plodding on but having a bit of a dip in motivation at the moment. I ought not to as it seems a lot of themes I cover in the novel are becoming more and more popular -- a book very similar in content and genre has been the best selling paperback for the last few months.