Monday, 10 January 2011

On gypy guts,going out to far off milongas and other things

Both H and I have had dodgy guts since our arrival - it comes and goes - it's definately comming right now and I will have to run off to the toilet...oohhh...errr...mission acomplished. Have been to a local tango class and also last night paid for a taxi partner to take me to a milonga as its so daunting to finfd a way in to the scene. This worked well actually and have arranged to meet him at Tango ueer on Tuesday at 11pm.

Writing is going well...did 3 hours this morning, on a 3rd new chapter since our arrival, though only completed just about 600 words. This is about my mark though when beginning a new scene from scratch . Once I'm in the writing comes quicker usually so tomorrow I hope to get half ay in and may be even complete this scene.

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