Thursday, 27 January 2011

I found a way in...

to the milongas. GO TO THE CLASS BEFORE THE MILONGA. Even though its very mixed levels its a way to chat to other people and get your first tanda of the night when the milonga starts. I did this at La Marshall last night and had a great time...dancing with atleast 3 difersnt partners,following and leading. Got home not too late ,,,just before 2am but neither H or I slept much because of the humidity and the noise. Our bedroom is at the front of the flat on a main bus route. The buses are diesel and LOUD. Have a private lesson at 6pm..want to go onto a milonga class after will need to go back to bed this afternoon.

As I said - re my novel - lots to think about and to do. Just when you think youve seen the summit, down come the clouds! But its all positive. I need to carry on with my writing routine and stick with the plan and I will get there. As I read somewhere recently - writing a novel is not a linear process. The title of my blog "Evolution of my Novel" might be cheesey but it is apt!

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