Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Welcome to a new follower

Hi Marc! Great that youve decided to follow my journey to master and enjoy dancing tango - which - as you will by now have gathered is linked into my life alongside my other passion - writing fiction. If you are at all interested - I have a short story(creative non - fiction) posted on its called Return to the House of Tango - you can see how I got started with both Tango and writing.
Picked up new pair of tailor made tango shoes after my lesson this evenning. Having a rest and dinner then off out to La Marshall around 11ish ...last night at Tango Queer had 4 tandas -1st with a nice young guy who'd only had 4 lessons - we just walked to the music, some of my favorite tunes(early 40's), then a woman who said she was also a beginner - tried a bit more - so so - but ALL VERY AMICABLE, THEN ANOTHER YOUNG GUY..SAME LEVEL AS THE WOMAN - BUT NICE CLOSE EMBRACE ...then...was led by a woman who is advanced and teaches here...LOVED following!!! I still would like to have the valium handy before I go into any milonga here though!!

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