Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Wrapped up and writing again!

This afternoon at my kitchen table began writing again after a break of a couple of days. It took me ages to get the first couple of paras but now its flowing. Last night braved the snow and cold and ventured into Oxford Street and did a great tango class - the last of this term at tango movement - and came home knackered and slept like a log. Been reading A. Maupins Mary Anne in Autumn - latest of his Tales of the City novels and am almost finished. Its sureal as H and I have been also watching concurently episodes from the first tv series of T.O.T.C. - so - I have Mary Anne visually as Laura Linney the actress who played her in her mid 1970's mid twenties version , whereas the latest novel has her written aged 57 with uterine cancer and I cant picture her as any older.

A great yoga session today teacher - Mistress Heather -is driving me hard with two new alternating routines but I'm already feeling the benefit of this in terms of muscle strength and stamina improvement. She says my body is getting younger(what about my mind!)We wont go there - and I shall go back to my writing now...

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