Friday, 31 December 2010

New Years Eve - Buenos Aires, Argentina...

have been settling in here..have found a flat share with a bloke who does massage - and colonic irrigation! - he has cleared out his treatment room for me to use as a writing space.I may have the same writing routine as Virginia Woolfe but I bet she never wrote in a space where people had their bottoms evacuated! The room has a desk and seems quiet as its at the back of the apartment so I can sit in solitude. Have agreed my schedule of tango lessons with my teacher Lorena - they will be later afternoons so I plan to get into a routine as soon as H and I move to the flat on 4th January - writing after breakfast for 2-3 hours - then tango then another 1-2 hours then dinner then sometimes tango..BUT I will need to flex this when I settle on tango class/es aswell as Lorenas lesons , and practicas and acount for some late milonga nights.. Ive worked out I have then 3 blocks of 20 days until we go back to the U.K. for me to complete the re write start to finish of Sweeping up the Village. I hope work work remains manageable within this - but it should I think fit around everything else. Relaxing in our B and B until next week . I think here it will be difficult for me to write as its SO hot with no air con and our room is stiffling . I cant concentrate unless I can completely detatch and shut away in a special writing space. We will see.The B and B and Maggie - an expat Brit - is wonderful and a font of information on about anything and everything you might want to know about this amazing city.
Happy New Year to all my blog Followers!


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