Monday, 27 December 2010

The day after Boxing Day

H and I have had a quiet and very relaxing time in Aldeburgh - doing a decent walk each day and yoga or meditation and watching DVD's of favorite films. I have not picked up my pen for atleast 2 weeks and have takne Emma's advice to have a break and then start up again with the re write from the beginning when I get to Buenos Aires (we fly out tommorow night!). Yesterday walked atleast 9 miles to Snape and back . The land was frosted and crisp - trees with their bare branches sillouetted against the backdrop of a georgeous sunny day. Back to London by cab this evenning. About to do the Thorpness walk agiain. Have been thinking about bits of my novel - and trying not to be overwhelmed by the fear that I wont be able to start up again. Ive thought a little more of bits of plot development in certain scenes which need more work - so everything is joined up for my reader.Have also been thinking how I need to use my 3 months in Argentina productively - for both my writing and tango - I will need to settle into a routine fairly early on.

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