Sunday, 5 December 2010

Never turn down the opportunity for a good walk....

BUT don't go online late at night if you want to sleep!
Yesterday had good intentions for a writing day - well - all weekend really BUT it didnt turn out that way. Saturday turned into what I call a "London day" -taking advantage of the lady and all she has on offer. Went to th Tango Tea dance at Hop Gardens which was friendly considering I knew no one. Had some relly nice dances. After - meet up with my old City course mates for dinner in Garrick Street then after that , walked over the river in the rain(but it was still magic!)to meet H at the BFI. we watched a silent film -from 1923- "Salome" which was accompanied by live piano. When it finished, I said to H, let walk aong the South Bank and over the Millenium bridge to Liverpool street - and we did. There werent that many people and the views of St Pauls and and all the familiar landmarks were stunning. On Sunday we went for a short walk locally but as it was a lovely sunny morning I suggested we walk down across Hackney Marshes to Springfield park.I thought about my novel and whether R and A might not take this walk. Its so intersting as its a bisection through the vilage, the market and evry language but English, the poor end and then the marsh nature reserve with bull rushes, roaming cows - the lot. When we arrived at the Park I suggested to walk on to Victria Park and we did. Past the Olympic site with its giant flying saucer stadium. Hadnt been this way since 2003 when I got M.E.and its changed so much(for the better). Had our sandwiche and a cuppa at Victoria Park as it got dark and then walked back via Hommerton, Chatsworth and then very traffic laden Victoria Road.9 miles round trip.

Spent a quite evnning in front of anothet great episode of Every Human Heart on the telly then went onto my notebook and rediscovered the compilation file with all my work so far ...well most of it. I thought it had vapourised lat weekend when I was pulling it all together. The temptation was to great and I finished coping everything into it and came up wih a heartening word count of 56k. But it was after midnite and - guess what - I couldnt get to sleep. So here I am now at 8am waiting for my yoga teacher to arive and only wanting to go back to bed!

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