Saturday, 18 December 2010

Cant just turn the tap seems almost sacreligious

At a certain central London venue on last night I had a lousy tango experience- and I was So looking forward to it. It was mostly about me - I need to feel inspired by the people, the music and the atmosphere and none of this was forthcomming so I didnt dance once. One poor woman came to me and asked if I'd just walk her round as she was a beginner but Id seen her with some other leader earlier on and I couldnt face being complicit in a repeat performance.Selfish?Guilt trip?Angst!!!
The creative inspiration needed for good tango dancing is the same as that needed for good writing. I cant just turn the tap seems almost sacreligious. But I did watch and learn - from the good and the bad - sat alone at an elevated corner table. When I cant turn on the writing tap - then I read, watch, listen and mull it all over in my head until I am ready to begin again.
Ive just finished watching DVD set of Dennis Potter's Pennies from Heaven - now there is inspiation a plenty. What a bloody genius that man was!

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