Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Squirm session and mincey pies !

Waited more than an hour beyond my alloted appointment time to be seen at the Hospital today...the usual overbooking of appointments I asume unless its done so us patients have a chance to dwell even longer in limbo worrying about where the outcome of our test results might lead us...(oncology,cardiology,lipid doctor etc etc) I know its for my own good and they do a good job but I HATE having to go there every quarter and go through this predictable squirm session. Well - all is ok - and I got a pat on the back from my Consultant who threw in a comment about me being " a really good writer"(yes - she has read some of my short stories). When it comes to posiive feedback- like the dreaded Tesco phrase -"Every little helps" - particularly when one is about to emark on the final rewrite of ones debut novel, don't you know.So it was pizza from Belize Park Emporium Bakery eaten on the tube ride home to Walthamstow and when got home I polished off the last two remaining mincey pies with cups of strong tea!

I'VE GOT BACK INTO "If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things "by Jon Mcgregor - which Emma recommended some time back. Its got some of the most beautiful descriptive prose I've ever read contained within its pages...though am not too amoured of the plot. The author writes in an unusual style where dialogue is merged within the main body of text(not an inverted comma to be seen)within an unconventional structure.

Tonight H and I are off to the South Bank BFI to see 4 early 1950's documentaries about London life - then may hike it over to Oxford Street to see if I can find a case for my three months in Buenos Aires. I bravely bore my local Argos yesterday and selected 1st,2nd and 3rd choice suitcases only to be told sorry, we dont have any of them in stock. I hate the way these robot buinesses always say"have a nice day" regardless of the fact that the encounter Ive had with them has been a complete and mind numbing waste of time. In REAL life - no one would actual say such a thing.Progress?I don't think!

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