Thursday, 16 December 2010

You Tube for research

I have been researching setting for my novel - to help me where my protagontist reflects back on his former life in Kosovo. I found some really good You Tube vids showing life in the town he comes from and also his village. This is perfect for me in creating his memories of growing up, moving from village to city and then fleeing back again during the Serb shelling of the city at the start of the war.I also unearthed a city plan showing it's division on ethnic grounds and major landmarks and layout.

Went to Forest Writers Christmas party last night - low key but friendly. Also put an email out to the four agents who've said they want to see my novel when its completed - letting them know how I'm getting on well with the writing of it and how I am heading for Buenos Aires for 3 months where I plan - alongside taking tango instruction and SKYPE working-to go for it and tackle to start to finish re write - now I have amassed 60k words, reviewed the chapter plan and know what I need to do. Well - thats the plan...


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